Biography – Mr. Bùi Đắc Hữu


Ong Noi

Peter Huu Dac Bui was born on October 8, 1921 in the province of Ha Tinh located in North Vietnam.  He was the fifth among the eight children (and only son) of Peter Duc Bui and Maria Tam Thi Tran.  In his youth, he was well known for his zeal and leadership in the Catholic Youth Organization not only in his home parish, but at the regional and diocese levels.   During the period of 1945-1954, the Communists took control of North Vietnam, his homeland.  They put extra effort in banning all religions; therefore, he was designated for imprisonment on several occasions.  Because of this, a passion for an apostolic mission took root, grew and continued to thrive throughout his entire life through a variety of roles and status.

In 1946, he married his hometown sweetheart, Xanh Thi Nguyen.  Nine years later, in 1954, he took his wife and three young children and joined over one million other Catholics in their migration to South Vietnam.  This migration journey was to seek a new life under a Democratic Republic Government.  God had blessed him and his wife with a total of eleven children, nine survived to adulthood.  He served the South Vietnamese government in the Police Security Sector.  His last position was Major Second-In-Command of the National Police in Khanh Hoa Province and Nha Trang City for several years until the fall of the South Vietnam government.

With the fall of South Vietnam in 1975, he was among the first wave of Vietnamese refugees to immigrate to the United States.   With many hardships, he brought his 83 year old mother, wife, and nine children to reside in the City of Everett, Washington.  With pride, he watched all of his children establish their families and build bright futures in this new land of opportunity. The Lord blessed him with 39 grandchildren and 17 great-grandchildren.  His family was among the first thirteen Vietnamese families to reside in Everett.  It is here that he helped found the Vietnamese Catholic Community and served as their leader for the first 15 years (1975-1990).

In order to express his gratitude to the Lord for his miraculous journey across the Pacific Ocean, he collaborated with his family and succeeded in producing over 20 audio meditation series on cassette tape, with the sole purpose of bringing Vietnamese people closer to Christ.  This series of cassette tapes were distributed free of charge to Vietnam and throughout the world.  He did all he could to sponsor and help raise children during the “boat people” era.  He spent countless hours and his meager earnings to enable fellow comrades, who were still oppressed under the Communist system to obtain legal entrance to the United States and other free countries in the world.  With his help, a few hundred families were able to come to the US through the Humanitarian Operation (HO) Program.  He invested countless hours in charitable fundraising, mostly with the Koch Foundation to obtain large funds to repair, build churches, and other charitable facilities through all regions of Vietnam.

On October 2004, he suffered a stroke which slowly took away control of the entire right side of his body.  His health continued to decline and he had to let go of his favorite apostolic activities.  In turn, he redirected his focus, time and energy toward establishing a deeper inner contemplative prayer life.  God had called him HOME to our Heavenly Father at 6:00 a.m., Wednesday, November 19, 2014.

Today we commemorate the life of Mr. Peter Huu Dac Bui.  He was a loving and devoted father, always putting others before himself.  He was the most generous, loving heart and touched many lives with his presence.  Together with his family, please pray for his ultimate desire to “live in the House of the Lord”, where he had spent his entire life preparing for and with complete trust in the Lord’s promise.