A Journey of Faith & God’s Providence

42 years ago my great grandma (in her 70’s), grandparents (in their 50’s), aunts, uncles and cousins (who were babies) made a journey of faith in escaping Vietnam. It took 10 days in an seamingless endless sea – with each day short on food, water, and shelter. They were rescued by American and allied ships, but the rescue was hardly glorious. They would have to jump from boat to boat to make it closer to the vessel, watching others drown in the ocean below or crushed between boats. Once near the ship, they would have to grab onto cargo nets to be lifted high into the ships. Of course, holding on with feeble hands can old last so long, and people would crash back into the water below.

I found a great gift from several years ago, a video from a Christmas gathering where we interviewed our parents on their Journey of Faith. In the video they shared bits of their journey. It was an incredible reflection, albeit disorganized and spontaneous, but we managed to capture it on video. It is no wonder why my family has such a strong faith in God… although many people perished and died along the way, we somehow survived. When there was no food, my aunt Thanh-Phuong was able to find some in her backpack. When my family was separated at sea, God somehow brought them back together.

The videos are not sophisticated, just capturing a conversation. But listen to both and you can piece together a pretty amazing story of God’s providence.

Part I (12 minutes)

Part II (11 minutes)